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Tenancy ServicesManagement companies and Letting Agents have been using Urgent Detergent Ltd for move in and move out cleans from the beginning.

In fact our whole cleaning philosophy was built on the criteria this highly demanding sector requires.

Inventory reports and new tenants moving in scrutinise every aspect of a property and when issues arise it can create a big headache for the agent involved.

This is the point where Urgent Detergent Ltd really excels. We have the equipment to cover all aspects of the clean, an internal inventory system that checks the work before handover and the capacity to document any anomalies in a property and report it all back to you before check in.

There is a reason why the likes of Knight Frank and Savills Management use Urgent Detergent as one of their main cleaning suppliers, simply because of our expert knowledge and service.


Property size is of no issue. We have the correct equipment and staff to cover a single room studio to a country manor house that spreads across an acre of land.

Anything you request will be serviced using the best techniques in an environmentally friendly way.


We strongly recommend you choose the day before your inventory check for most cases. We also recommend 100% of the time that following the completion of the clean you do not use any part of the property

Standard Requirements

In all house moves it is generally expected that you clean to a professional standard the kitchen with all its appliances, cupboards, worktops, splash-back, switches etc. Your bathroom needs to be completely de-scaled and all woodwork throughout the property washed down and flooring hovered and washed.


It may be a requirement to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned. We are able to offer a complete service for all types of carpet piles from dry cleaning, steam cleaning, hot water extraction and shampoo and extraction.


There are certain methods for cleaning curtains on site all of which we have the correct equipment for. Particular fabrics can only be dry cleaned and in some cases depending on the amount of soiling dry cleaning is the only option. We offer a take down and re-hang service which also includes steaming out any creasing once the curtains are re-hung for a complete professional finish


There are many and various types of fabrics used on sofas and soft furnishings, all of which can be cleaned and treated by a variety of methods. Our experience extends to most fabrics and our operators are equipped with all the necessary tools and know how to complete a professional job.


Most types of windows can be cleaned via inside access. If your checkout requires the service our team will be able to judge the access on the day.