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Whether you have a single desk office space or 3000 employees occupying several floors of a high rise tower, Urgent Detergent is experienced and has the expertise to accommodate your requirements for all Office Cleaning Services.

Once a week

Catering for small offices. The service is inexpensive and enables you to keep on top of dust and dirt that accumulates. A full wipe down of your equipment, complete clean and disinfect of the washroom and sink/kitchenette and hovering and mopping of the floors.

Multiple weekly visits

Perfect for an office with up to 15 work stations. As well as cleaning the equipment, washrooms and kitchenette, we will empty the waste and replace with fresh bin liners.

Daily visits

For larger offices with greater than 15 work stations. The daily service will cover all aspects of cleaning. We will also supply all the necessary sanitary and hygiene products so you need not worry about running out.


Many companies today operate a hot desk system. In these environments we pay special attention to all �point of skin� equipment. Our cleaning regime ensures that these items are continuously disinfected.


The main criteria is ultimately decided by you but we will give an outline of the standard methods we use so your decision is made simple

Complementary Services

We can also take care of your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning should it be necessary. Experienced operators can work in the evening cleaning and deodorising your fabrics and what a treat it is when everyone arrives at work the next day.


All staff members are fully trained and experienced in the office cleaning environment.


As part of our vetting process all staff members are required to be checked and full personnel details including photographic portraits are passed to the client before they begin working. In addition to our checks all our staff are issued with photo ID cards complete with their full name, photo and staff ID number.