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External areas of buildings including entrance pathways and steps can become grimy and dangerously slippery throughout the course of the year. Generally it is considered good practise to maintain these common parts for reasons of both safety and aesthetics.

Often overlooked, the front entrance to a building creates a lasting first impression and the difference between a clean and well maintained entrance is easily recognisable next to poorly sustained building.

Urgent Detergent can offer varying solutions for pressure washing and jet washing. Large areas can be washed and cleaned with minimum disturbance whilst very small and tight sections can be accessed, like a small patio at the rear of a building.

Bin Areas

Bin areas can quickly decline into smelly undesirable areas that will breed disease and attract vermin. Often these areas are at the front of a building and if left unchecked they can create a health risk, not to mention the unsavoury impression tenants and passers by have.


Urgent Detergent offers a large scale solution for vast areas of paving and stonework. We do not use any chemical base and literally clean off grime with water under very high pressure. Our portable solution is able to reach extremely tight spots such as rear patios and high level balconies The portable solution is also a very cost effective method of cleaning. It works out at the same cost of hiring a machine yourself. The added bonus is that by using the Urgent Detergent pressure washing service you have someone do the work for you at no extra cost.