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The Football Association, England Rugby, Local Councils, Embassies, Film and Theatre companies, Government and Community Events are some of the types of clients using our flag and banner cleaning service


Our Flag and Banner cleaning service covers all shapes and sizes of flags. A typically sized national flag being 6 x 3 feet to the St Georges Cross used at Twickenham Stadium measuring 50 x 10 meters.


We have developed our unique service through years of experience cleaning and repairing all types of flags and banners for a variety of sports governing bodies, event organisers and stadiums including the new Wembley Stadium and Twickenham Rugby Stadium.

Hire companies benefit from our clean and finish service which enables them to re-hire their product without intervention.

We understand the delicate nature of both the fabrics used in flags and banners and the product itself. Use of most chemicals in the cleaning process will decrease the life span of banners and flags. Security for the product and reliability of service is just as important.

Our flag and banner cleaning service offers you superior expertise in cleaning and repairing as well as total commitment to service deadlines and security whilst in our possession.

Case Study

  1. Event organisers for the Charity Shield match between Manchester United and Chelsea FC at Wembley Stadium were rehearsing the game day entertainment and found that both the Man Utd and Chelsea banners had ripped and torn and needed servicing. We received instruction on Saturday afternoon for repair work to be carried out on 2 banners that measured 10 x 10 meters each. The time frame for completing the work was less than 24 hours. The banners were picked up from Wembley Stadium, repaired offsite and returned the next morning, game day, ready for the pre-match ceremony.
  2. During the Six Nations rugby tournament we were cleaning , drying and returning the large 10 x 15 St Georges Cross flag to Twickenham Stadium with less than 4 days turnaround ready for the next game day. Other national flags instructed for cleaning include the Australian, New Zealand, South African, Italy, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and French national flags all measuring 10 x 15 meters.