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Exhibitions, Conferences, Concerts, Sports Events and Trade Shows, Community


Urgent Detergent Event Cleaning is geared for the smooth and efficient running of facilities.

Varying degrees of service are needed for any Event and our broad guidelines cover all aspects.

Post Setup
Essentially a blitz clean of the entire area proceeding the initial setup. Depending on the Event size a suitable team of experienced cleaners prepare the area before the arrival of guests. All equipment required for cleaning is supplied by Urgent Detergent

Facilities Maintenance
All areas that are sensitive to hygiene whilst the event is in progress. This may include the supply of any janitorial and sanitary products for washrooms and disinfectants / hygiene products for food preparation areas.

Post Event
An entire cleanup of the area once the Event has completed. All aspects of the cleanup may be contracted to Urgent Detergent Ltd right down to waste disposal and recycling

Urgent Detergent can supply experienced Event cleaning staff at fantastic hourly or day/night rates


All staff used by Urgent Detergent Ltd come fully trained and certified. Our staff are enthusiastic about cleaning and will display a pleasant manner towards guests and other staff. We pride ourselves on an upbeat image, nothing is too difficult and any circumstance can be resolved with minimal fuss.

Supervisors are fully trained in customer service and work with a hands on, can do approach. Experience enables them to react decisively within all scenarios limiting any potentially damaging consequences.