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Our curtain cleaning service has two different methods. The method required by you depends greatly on your circumstances.

The first method is steam cleaning your curtains in situ. This method is typically used by tenants vacating a property at the end of their lease. The process we use is recognised by inventory clerks throughout England. If your check out report dictates you have your curtains professionally cleaned at the conclusion of your tenancy then this is the most comprehensive, cost effective service for you. The complete process is undertaken onsite with all necessary equipment brought in by our professional curtain cleaners.

The second method of curtain cleaning takes place away from your home. This is typically used by persons living in their own home and happens in two parts. Firstly we take down your curtains at home and take them offsite for dry cleaning. Once the cleaning process is complete we return to your home for the re-hanging service. During transportation your curtains may crease slightly in the packaging which is why we utilise the use of steam when re-hanging to leave them with a beautifully crisp, fresh glow.