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Cleaning is hard workCarpet Cleaning in London : Pre-Spraying

Firstly a professional survey is carried out which includes an inspection of the carpet to determine the correct carpet cleaning processes. The correct Pre-spray product is then selected and applied to the carpet areas to be cleaned. This process breaks down the soiled particles in the carpets fibre.

Carpet Cleaning in London : Dwell Time

It is important for the Pre-spray product to be given time on your carpet to allow it to activate with the soil in the carpet before cleaning commences. This will typically be around 10 minutes. At this point we prepare the carpet machine so no time is lost.

Carpet Cleaning in London : Deep Steam Cleaning

Our Carpet cleaning machines inject the carpet with solution and hot spray which is agitated through a barrel brush spinning at high revolutions. This is followed immediately by suction which extracts the solution and dirt from deep within your carpet. Traffic areas and high wearing areas such as through doorways and hallways are passed over several times and at multiple angles for full pile penetration. The end result is deeply cleaned carpets with a rejuvenated pile that feel fresh and crisp

Carpet Cleaning in London : Drying

Carpet drying time is minimal due to our special agitation method. 50% less solution is needed compared to other Carpet steam cleaning machines. Your carpet can be dry within the hour.