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Health and safety regulations require your building site keep clean and hygienic areas such as lunch rooms and wash rooms. At Urgent Detergent we are specialists in this field with ongoing contracts from the likes of the Crown Estate and Laing O Rourke. We can supply all the necessary labour and supplies to keep your site up to date with regulations as well as keeping all employees and contractors on site happy in a hygienic environment.

Site Offices are also an integral part of the whole operation hence the need to maintain the internal cleanliness of these areas.

In addition to cleaning and maintaining these areas of the building site we will keep up the supply of all necessary janitorial products from loo paper and hand soap to washing up liquid and bin liners.

You've got a building to build and having to be concerned about the lack of loo roll in toilet number 2 doesn't really rate that high on the priority meter, but a critical essential all the same.

Once you sub this work out you'll realise the benefits of having us on board and you will be surprised at the minimal cost of the service.


A very straight forward process, we visit your site, check the facilities and ask you haow many persons are on site using them. Then we will go away and calculate our man hours and product needed to keep it all running smoothly.

You will receive a cost price from us with breakdown of labour and product for your budget consideration.


This varies with the size of the site. We are able to supply unlimited cleaning labour and unlimited supplies in as many days of the week.


Ongoing Site Facilities Cleaning
Washrooms, lunchrooms and Site Offices. In addition to these essential areas we can supply labour for excess materials cleanup, dust soaking for access routes, general sweeping, rubbish clearance and more.

Stage Cleaning
This is an important process for building sites. As structural building is complete it is important to have your site cleaned before fit out commences. This cleaning stage keeps unnecessary waste to a minimum. We have experienced teams that are able to enter your site and conduct mid-stage cleaning without affecting the timeline of the build, and all equipment we use is supplied by us.

Completion Cleaning
As fit out nears completion our teams are able then to enter the site to clean up all excess material, waste and dust. This cleaning stage strips the site of all its protective layers and enables the foreman to assess the final snagging that's required.

Sparkle Cleaning
The final act onsite, this prepares all aspects of the site for handover. Our experienced sparkle cleaners will remove dust, polish glass and ironmongery, leaving a beautiful fresh new finish for the end client.